A.D.S Security

About us

ADS Security Service was established in 2006. We are a private company, providing a quality service in the manned guarding, event security, close protection, and recruitment and training sectors of the security industry.
Our services are always innovative and we pride ourselves on developing tailor-made security solutions for every client.

How we differ from other security companies
We feel ADS benefits from not being constrained by the rigid organisational structures that underpin many of our larger competitors. It allows us to be dynamic and flexible enough to accommodate all clients' requirements, without compromising our ISO 9001 quality assurance system.
We understand the importance of maintaining consistency in communication and contact points with clients. Our experienced and professional management team is made up of individuals from the senior ranks of the Armed Forces and the private security industry. And, wherever possible, the team assigned to your operations will stay the same throughout the duration of our contract.

Representing you
We are acutely aware that we will be acting as ambassadors for your company, venue or event. In many instances, the first contact your customers or stakeholders have with your organisation is with a member of our security team. With that in mind, we always ensure our officers are smart, articulate and fully briefed to handle any incidents or situations that might arise.
70% of a security service company's resources are its people, so we continuously reinvest in our personnel, keeping them well trained, well motivated and focused.

Quality assurance
We operate all of our services in accordance with the industry standards of BS 7499 and BS 7858. We are inspected twice a year by the British Standards Institute (BSI), our ISO 9001:2000 inspection organisation.