A.D.S Security

CCTV Monitoring & Surveillance

Achieve total peace of mind by employing our highly-trained staff to monitor your business security system. We are able to provide remote monitored security and alarm response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making sure your key holder and the proper authorities are informed when necessary.

A cost-effective alternative to manned security
Linked directly to all UK police forces, our established remote monitoring service provides an efficient, cost-effective alternative to manned security.
Many companies are paying far more for security than is necessary, on the advice of their insurance companies. Most insurance companies insist that alarm systems are simply monitored to provide police response in the event of an incident – a requirement that can be fulfilled by our remote monitoring service.

Rapid response to real security threats
Remote monitoring is the key to rapid response, and a rapid response is the key to protecting your business.
Our personnel use the very latest in telecommunication technology to ensure that any activation of your business systems are communicated to the proper individuals as it happens. A verified alarm will alert key holders, ADS Rapid k9 response officers and the local police force. This response is managed for you by our monitoring centre, day and night, all year round.

Reduce callouts to false alarms
Our personnel are adept at differentiating between real and false alarm activation. As a result, we were recently awarded a prestigious commendation by the Metropolitan Police for reducing false alarms.
False alarms can often be prevented by employing simple preventative measures. For information on steps you can take to reduce their occurrence.