A.D.S Security

ADS Undercover Operations And Professional Witnesses

We supply covert surveillance operatives who can be employed to work undercover for you to gather intelligence and information. Our investigative techniques form the backbone to many of our assignments, whether we are seeking evidence or intelligence inside an organisation, or determining the source of counterfeit goods.
If your company is suffering from an internal theft problem, we could place one of our investigators on-site as an employee. The roles of a witness are numerous, though. They can investigate areas of civil difficulty, including illegal activities and intimidation, as well as witness protection if necessary.
Our undercover covert surveillance assignments are unique and require highly-trained personnel who are able to adapt to a wide range of situations within potentially hostile environments.

What is special about a professional witness?
First and foremost, a witness is someone of neutral territory – someone from the outside who works with a body to investigate crime and disorder and other areas of potential difficulty. The role of the witness is to make a case study of a given area or situation and to obtain documentary evidence to be passed to an agency or court if necessary.
Witnesses are well-trained people who understand the law and can blend into environments. They understand street situations and what to look for, they have the ability to communicate at all levels and are open-minded for all situations.

Our operatives
All our operatives are of a military background or have 10 years’ experience in the Police Force, so they are aware of current legislation and are disciplined and thorough. We always follow correct procedures and protocol to help various agencies achieve their goals.
Our witnesses provide a non-biased opinion, which places the employer in a position of strength and neutrality and is welcomed in the court system. ADS officers will only work within the Law Act 2000 RIPA (Regulation of Investigative Powers Act). If you are unsure of this act, or whether something is intrusive or not, please contact our head office for more details in absolute confidence.
Our experienced male or female agents are trained for:
• Phone and PC forensics
• Vehicle tracking
• Body and bag camera filming
• CCTV covert surveillance
• Fully-equipped surveillance vehicles
• Static surveillance vans
• Professionally edited video/DVD footage
We have two black cabs for central London surveillance and six motorcycles fitted with surveillance equipment.

The Crime and Disorder Bill
In 1998, the government passed the long-awaited Crime and Disorder Bill (Regulation of Investigative Powers Act), which shaped a whole new agenda for policing bodies and other agencies. One of the key issues was to create a partnership of all agencies within the youth justice system to prevent reoffending, promote welfare and gain the public’s confidence in the legal system.
According to the Home Office's guidance notes, 'the statutory principal aim of preventing offending provides a new starting point for multi-agency working in the youth justice system. It provides a clear benchmark against which to measure success.' Professional witnesses are part of this multi-agency.